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Today’s web enabled world has created a new form of communication. Is your website prepared? More and more companies are offering “Live Chat” support on their websites. Let’s face it “Live Chat” for your website is the biggest breakthrough in communication tools since the fax machine. A Live Answer Inc. has created e-live agents to handle those chats from your website worry and hassle free.

Revolutionary Live Chat Answering Service

Designed for companies looking to maximize their websites potential learn how e-Live Chat our 24x7 bilingual English and Spanish “Live Chat” Answering Service” can give your website the round-the-clock presence necessary to conduct business in the 21st century. Adding “Bilingual Live Chat” to your website with e-live chat adds value to your site by having a live person available 24 hours a day for assistance. Our highly trained bilingual operators are available 24x7x365 and are capable of handling customer service inquiries, capturing lead information and providing pre-sales assistance in English and Spanish. There is no equipment to maintain or software to buy. 

Optimize your website for tomorrow with “Live Chat” today

e-Live Chat gives your website the ability to offer affordable, bi-lingual, “Live Chat” customer service whenever your customers visit. And our pre-sales & lead capture service helps turn visitors into customers before they click through and buy from your competition. Whether it helps differentiate you from the competition or gives your customers the peace of mind knowing someone is there to assist them day or night you can now economically offer “Live Chat” on your website.


What is e-live?
e-live chat is our revolutionary “Live Chat” answering service that allows you to communicate with your customers when THEY want to do business all via the “Live Chat” button on your website. We design a custom chat button for you that is compatible with the layout and design of your website, or you may choose from a collection of already designed buttons. Simply place this button on your website and when a person viewing your website clicks the “Live Chat” button they are immediately presented with a custom chat pop-up window with your logo and a custom greeting by one of our live representatives.

Who’s using “Live Chat”, and will it work for my business?
Websites are becoming ever more competitive and are looking for ways to be even more competitive while offering services that differentiate them from the competition.  Offering “Live Chat” sales and customer support assistance on your website will truly make you stand out above the competition.  

Many companies while they would like to offer 24 hour service to handle multiple time zones and be able to offer more complete sales and service resources, find it unfeasible because of high payroll costs and hardware and software limitations.  e-live chat provides you with an affordable solution that is available 24 hours a day a, 365 days a year all with no software to buy/rent, or hardware to buy.

While many companies have discovered the value of “Live Chat” on their website through third party chat applications.  The hassles of implementation and ongoing use of these applications has caused two needs to arise.  The first is that many chat users simply cancel their chat software because of lack of time and resources to attend it.  The second is the case in companies they find chat effective during daytime hours; however they do not have the resources to answer after hours and thus cannot attend their customers.

Although Internet websites offer an abundance of information and automation, many potential customers browsing business websites are still reluctant to purchase.  A Live Answer’s, revolutionary e-live chat solution service offers a real-time sales resource to assist clients in making their online purchase or at least establishing a relationship by obtaining customer data for follow up.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for e-live chat by calling us at 866-561-4459
  2. We develop a free custom chat button for your website.
  3. Add a simple script to your website.
  4. When a customer clicks on your chat button they are routed to one of our representatives.
  5. Using scripts and FAQ databases are operators are able to provide information, customer service, pre-sales leads assistance, and lead capture.
  6. You pay a small monthly fee plus a nominal per minute chat charge.
  7. No long term-contract or high setup fees. 

More Chat FAQ

Pricing is simple. $149.00 monthly plus $1.00 per chat for lead generation and $0.30 a minute for customer service chats.

Optimize your website for tomorrow with “Live Chat” today



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